Faq - Frequently Asked Questions

Will each project be supported after certain funds are collected?
Projects suitable for the target are supported by MuskProject. Other department projects will be presented to angel investors.
What kind of projects will be eligible?
Projects that are appropriate to the target will usually be related to energy and ecosystem. We will always be clear on the other projects.
When will project submission and review be active?
Once the specific funds are collected, the submitted projects will be reviewed and evaluated.
Will each completed project involve Musk exchange (Exchange)?
Each completed project will take place in the field of our projects.
Who will choose the angel investors?
Apart from the angel investors who are in our own world, our goal is to expand the angel investment network.
When is the API active for other platforms?
After ICO, we will activate the API wrapper for use on other platforms with smart contracts
What is the difference between Musk coin and Musk project?
Musk coin is the Musk Project project as it is in our other projects.